Today, Qaiwan Electronics represent Iraq’s widest
and most extensive consumer products network.

We represents top quality brands Hitachi, Hisense & Grand.
With aim to equip every single home with cutting-edge home appliances & technology.


One of the oldest and strong brand in the field of home appliances. Hitachi is an international company part of fortune 500 worldwide.
Today we are proud to be partner with Hitachi and representing them in Iraq with leading market share of home appliances.

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Hisense, another leading brand in home appliances and our aim is to make the latest technologies accessible to everyone through thoughtfully designed and expertly built products by Hisense.
For 5 decades Hisense have been committed to developing innovations in consumer electronics. Today, they are the No.1 TV brand in China, and South Africa.

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Grand, a brand designed with niche technology and excellent latest innovation.
Qaiwan Electronics is proud to represent Grand electronics in Iraq as we aim to make every home equipped with latest home appliances & technologies.

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Gorenje is one of the Europe's leading manufacturers of high quality domestic appliances that are friendly to environment, luxurious and have a long lasting guarantee established in 1950

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